Don't Leave It Too Late - Windows 7 End of Life

Time is running out to replace or upgrade, Windows 7 will be retired at the start of 2020. What does this mean to your business?

On 14th January 2020 Microsoft will stop issuing new security updates for Windows 7 so continuing to use Windows 7 will leave you open to new vulnerabilities.

To keep your business secure you will need to replace your Windows 7 computers by this date or upgrade them to a newer version of Windows.

Windows 7 will continue to work and you can continue to use it if you find this risk acceptable but as we saw when Windows XP went end of life software writers and manufacturers will start to drop support for the platform while vulnerabilities will be exploited.

Should I Replace or Upgrade?

Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft Windows, has now been out for 3 years while Windows 7 was released back in August 2009, over 10 years ago so if your computer came with Windows 7 it is probably more than 3 years old. In the past three years we have seen hardware changes, SSDs becoming common place and we have upped our standard specification to match new demands.

If you are running older hardware you may not be benefiting from these advances and instead spend your time watching loading screens, probably not what you'd rather be doing.

We offer business workstations & laptops from HP, Dell & Lenovo complete with our workbench setup service to minimise the impact to your business when swapping to a new computer.

To find out more get in touch to book a 1-2-1 chat at your office or over the phone.

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