Is This The New Normal?

With the sudden change to our lives leading to lots of home working is this the new normal? 24% of respondents to a recent SYSTRA survey published on BBC News [1] said they would increase their home working and 67% said they expect video meetings to replace some or all business trips and face to face meetings. While right now social distancing is set to continue and could last quite a while longer before being eased completely.

Now we have had the scrabble to keep businesses running with home working what should we be doing next? The answer is to look at how your business can adapt and be more mobile, to keep your workforce productive and most of all secure.

Some people have been grabbing whatever they can get their hands on in order to keep working including the kids laptops, laundry baskets and dining room chairs but these aren't design for business use and we now need to revisit these set ups.

There are three key areas we need to look at:
    • Hardware - Laptops, docking stations, monitors, phones
    • Access - What data & software systems will they need
    • Communications - How are you going to connect with your workforce

To help answer these we have available a range of business hardware that can be secured and encrypted to protect your business data while allowing them to be productive without grinding to a crawl. 

We offer Microsoft 365 which allows access to email and OneDrive/SharePoint from anywhere while with Microsoft 365 Premium we can limit rouge access by only allowing connections from certain locations. If you have on premise data and applications we can bring these to your workforce with VPN and remote desktops powered by remote access servers or move your software to the cloud. 

And to communicate we have Microsoft Teams giving you instant messaging across multiple devices along with video and audio calling, screen sharing and real time collaboration on documents, and it doesn't just have to be internal, you can invite external partners and guests to your Teams meetings with a one click calendar invite.

To explore your new normal and how we can help your business keep itself productive and secure call us on 01452 491080 to book a discovery.

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