A Seat at the Table: My Unanticipated Evening with Tech's Finest

Last week, I was unexpectedly seated at a VIP dinner, an event typically reserved for the seasoned tech elite. As the youngest and least experienced there, my journey to this moment had been as much about personal growth as it had been about professional development.

The Podcast That Opened Doors

It all began in the confines of the lockdown, with a podcast that did much more than fill the silence. It sparked a fire within me. This wasn't background noise; it was a mentorship through the airwaves, brimming with ideas that led me to seek out more. My search brought me to The Tech Tribe, an online community that quickly became a cornerstone of my professional life.

Richard Tubb and the Road to Community

It was on one of his TubbTalk Podcasts that Richard Tubb shared a piece of advice that would alter my course: the value of peer groups. Inspired, I embarked on a two-hour drive—not a quick hop—to my first meeting in Walsall. This initial step was the gateway to now regularly attending three different peer group meetings, along with CompTIA community events. These weren't just meetings; they were the bedrock of a growing sense of belonging and collaboration.

An Evening Amongst Innovators

The VIP dinner wasn't just a fast forward to the present but a culmination of many such moments. That evening, I found myself in the company of Paul, whose MSP Marketing podcast had kickstarted this chapter of my life. I was there with Pete Matheson, who had been pivotal in honing my video skills, and Nigel Moore, the visionary behind The Tech Tribe. I shared the table with Claire, the EMEA community leader; Paul, Gareth, Karl, and Gaz, who lead the meetups I frequent; and Steven, the chair of CompTIA's UK MSP community.

The Honour of Being Among Giants

Contrary to what one might expect, there were no initial reservations, only a profound sense of honour. I was in awe of the collective expertise and experience surrounding me. This was not an evening for exchanging business cards or closing deals. It was a social celebration, an acknowledgment of the community and camaraderie that underpins our industry.

Reflections on a Remarkable Night

As the dinner drew to a close, I reflected on the evening's conversations, the laughter, and the shared stories. The event was a testament to the unexpected places our paths can lead when we're driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to learning.

For those who may feel they're on the fringes of their professional circles, let my story be a beacon. You may feel young, perhaps inexperienced, but every community is enriched by fresh perspectives. The tech world is vast and varied, and there's a seat at the table for all who are willing to take the journey.

Here's to the serendipitous moments that define us, the mentors we find in unexpected places, and the gatherings that celebrate more than just achievements, but the shared journey of growth in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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