Cloud phone system and VoIP phone for SMEs in Gloucestershire

The future of calls is cloud powered voice

Your Cloud Phone System

Looking for a new cloud phone system now that the PSTN Switch-Off is coming? Or maybe you need more robust comms for your business? At Westway IT, we'd like to introduce you to Cloudya, an intelligent cloud communications platform that makes business communication simple, intuitive, and hassle-free.

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Desk, Mobile & Computer

With Cloudya, you can make and receive calls from anywhere worldwide using a mobile or desktop app with a headset. They offer a variety of devices, such as desk phones and wireless handsets, and you can set up individual "do not disturb" modes for each device and activate forwarding profiles from any of them.

Yealink Desk Phone

Reliable, Independent, and Flexible

Cloudya is a cloud phone system (VoIP) built specifically for hybrid working, which lets you work from different locations, whether it's your office, home, or on the go. With Cloudya, you can save time and money while increasing productivity. 

Easy Setup and Configuration

Cloudya is easy to set up, connecting with your existing communication systems and allowing you to communicate effortlessly.

Loaded with Features

Cloudya comes with a range of features to enhance your communication experience, including audio and video conferencing, screensharing, a complete app suite, CRM integration with up to 200 platforms, single login and phone number, freedom to communicate from any device, and the flexibility to scale up or down based on your needs.

Cloudya Web App
Cloudya Forwarding Profiles

Do More with Integrations & Advanced Features

CRM Connect: Empower Your CRM Integration

CRM Connect provides seamless integrations between Cloudya and your CRM system, simplifying data management and offering all-in-one customer data. It requires no telephone hardware or on-premise server and supports integration with 200 CRM platforms. If your CRM is not on the list, we can help you with an on-demand request. With CRM Connect, you can click-to-dial directly from your CRM system, track customer activity, access call details in your CRM software, and enjoy free Outlook and Apple Address Book integration for Cloudya Business Premium customers.

Cloud phone system and VoIP phone for SMEs in Gloucestershire

Integration for Microsoft Teams: Streamline Your Communication

If you're using Microsoft Teams for internal communication and another solution for external communication, juggling multiple apps can be a hassle. NFON Integration for Microsoft Teams offers multiple options, including Direct Routing via Nconnect Voice (SIP Trunk), via Cloudya for Enterprise PBX, or the new Cloudya App for Microsoft Teams. With this integration, you can get more value out of Microsoft Teams, increase business flexibility and reachability, save costs in multiple areas, and connect quickly and easily from any location in the world.

Cloud phone system and VoIP phone for SMEs in Gloucestershire

Contact Center Hub: Enhance Your Customer Experience

Delivering a top-notch customer experience is crucial for SMEs. Contact Center Hub is a web-based omnichannel cloud contact center that enables effective communication across multiple channels. With Contact Center Hub, you can know your customers better by accessing their communication history, provide a true omnichannel experience with phone, email, webchat, SMS, video, WhatsApp, and Teams, boost customer satisfaction with quick setup and little staff training, and leverage performance tracking and data for better planning. It is fully scalable to accommodate simple and advanced setups with multiple channels and queues.

Contact Center

Advanced Queues: Empower Your Customer Support Teams

For small and medium enterprises with limited resources, delivering excellent customer support can be a challenge. Nmonitoring Queues is an efficient solution that empowers customer support teams. Agents can monitor and track their own activity, including queues and key performance indicators (KPIs). They can receive supervisor instructions and log work breaks in a clear and organized manner. Nmonitoring Queues helps improve agent planning, provides fast and simple access through Cloudya, and offers easy scalability on a monthly basis with pay-per-agent pricing.

Cloud phone system and VoIP phone for SMEs in Gloucestershire

Operator Panel: Streamline Your Call Handling

Noperatorpanel provides a professional voice reception panel that simplifies call handling. With Noperatorpanel, employees can accept incoming calls, make calls using the integrated softphone, and forward calls to their intended recipients. Features include handling calls quickly and easily with incoming caller information, call forwarding, call holding, call history, do not disturb, and distribution lists.

Cloud phone system and VoIP phone for SMEs in Gloucestershire

Call Recording: Protect Your Business and Enhance Performance

Neorecording is a voice recording and analytics solution for Cloudya. It helps businesses comply with regulations, record key communications, and protect against liability risks and penalties. With Neorecording, you can keep a close eye on your customer service quality, use call analytics to improve your business operations, and benefit from an easy-to-use intuitive solution that helps you answer more calls efficiently.

Cloud phone system and VoIP phone for SMEs in Gloucestershire

Number Porting: Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers

With Cloudya, you don't have to worry about changing your phone numbers. We offer seamless number porting, allowing you to keep your existing phone numbers when transitioning to our smart cloud communications platform. Whether you have a single number or multiple numbers, our number porting service ensures a smooth transition without any disruption to your business communication. Keep your established phone numbers and benefit from the simplified and intuitive communication features of Cloudya.

The PSTN Switch-Off: Future-Proof Your Communication

With Cloudya's cloud phone system, you can future-proof your business communication. This flexible smart cloud communications platform eliminates the reliance on outdated PSTN systems, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and advanced features for your business.

Watch our video about the PSTN Switch Off >>

PSTN Switch Off Video

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Cloud phone system and VoIP phone for SMEs in Gloucestershire
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