Cyber security and data protection for SMEs in Gloucestershire

Endpoint Security

Protecting your network from cyber threats and data theft is crucial for your business. With our top-tier endpoint security services, you can rest easy knowing that you and your team are safe from potential harm.

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Endpoint Protection

We'll keep your network clean by protecting your endpoints (computers, devices and file servers) against threats and data theft. 


Your data could be compromised during transit through the internet or physical storage. Our top-level encryption protects your data's confidentiality on your physical devices.

Update Management

Having trouble keeping your software up to date? Our service will handle Microsoft and key software titles for you, reducing the risk of exploits.

Password Manager

We'll provide a password manager that simplifies the creation and storage of passwords. You can securely share passwords with your team, which will be audited for safety when a team member departs.

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Application Whitelisting

Our partnership with leading application safelisting company ThreatLocker ensures that only approved applications can run on your system, reducing the risk of successful ransomware attacks.

Dark Web Scanning

Our dark web scanning service monitors the dark web for your email and notify you if we find it. 

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Annual certification of Cyber Essentials Standard or Plus with continuous compliance monitoring.

Westway IT are partners of CyberSmart for Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Awareness Training

Regular cyber awareness training keeps knowledge and awareness forefront of your team, helping them to better spot risks and use systems in safer ways.

Backup & Recovery

In the event of a disaster, such as fire, flood, theft, or malicious attack, our backup and recovery solution is designed to help you quickly regain access to your business data, allowing you to resume your operations without significant disruptions.

It's alarming to know that 44% of small businesses store their backup data in the same location as the original data, which puts their business at risk. Additionally, 17% of companies do not backup their data at all, leaving them vulnerable to data loss and business disruption. Let us help you avoid that!

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Documents Backup

For simple backup needs and devices on the move, our file backup system keeps a copy of your critical documents elsewhere. With file intelligence and versioning, backups are targeted to protect your essential data.

Server & Workstation Backup

It's crucial to recover quickly from a security incident. In case of any mishap, our backup system captures a complete copy of your system and sends it straight to the cloud. You also have the option to store it locally in a speed vault. This ensures you can recover all your data even if aliens destroy your building! Our backup system covers files, system state, and SQL databases.

Backup for Microsoft 365

We'll also provide you with granular backup protection for M365 email mailboxes as well as OneDrive and SharePoint files - great peace of mind for you and your team.

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