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Protect Your Business Data with Reliable Backup Solutions Using The Cloud

As a business owner, you know how important it is to protect your data. Our IT support and backup solutions are designed to safeguard your critical systems and data, providing you with peace of mind. Whether you need server and workstation backups or Microsoft 365 backup, we offer expert IT partner services that will meet your needs with our Cloud First Backup approach to maximize recoverability of your data.

Server & Workstation Backup

Our server and workstation backup solutions use reliable and user-friendly hybrid cloud technology to ensure that your data is protected. With flexible scheduling options and multiple backup locations for added redundancy and security, you can rest assured that your data is safe. We also offer optional local backup for quick data recovery.

We also understand that a backup is only good if it can be recovered. That's why we offer automatic testing of server backups every two weeks into a recovery cloud to check they are recoverable and how long a recovery would take. This ensures that you can recover your data when you need it and that there are no surprises when a disaster strikes.

Flexible Recovery Options

We understand that recovering data is critical to your business's success. That's why we offer flexible recovery options that allow you to recover individual files, folders, or application data with ease. You can also restore entire systems when needed, and our cross-platform recovery capabilities work for both Windows and Mac systems.

Recovery Time

As a business owner, you rely on your data to keep your business running smoothly. That's why we want to explain RPO and RTO to you.

RPO, or Recovery Point Objective, is the maximum amount of data loss that your business can tolerate. For example, if your RPO is one hour, that means you can only afford to lose one hour's worth of data. Our IT support and backup solutions are designed to minimize data loss and help you meet your RPO, with different RPO options available. We can even set an RPO as low as 15 minutes for servers, although a smaller RPO does cost more due to more data being transferred and stored.

RTO, or Recovery Time Objective, is the amount of time it takes to recover your data after a disaster. Our flexible recovery options are designed to help you recover your data quickly and minimize downtime. Whether you need to recover a single file or an entire system, we have the tools and expertise to get you back up and running in no time. Our backups are sent straight to the cloud for reliability but can also be additionally stored on a local storage device for faster recoveries. We can also set up standby servers which automatically load the latest backup allowing for a faster swap in when needing a smaller RTO.

In addition to RPO and RTO, we also offer different data retention policies to ensure that your data is stored securely for the required amount of time. This is important for legal and regulatory requirements, and we can work with you to determine the best retention policy for your business needs.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 is a critical tool for many businesses. That's why we offer Microsoft 365 backup solutions that automatically back up your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data. Our granular recovery options allow you to restore specific items or entire data sets, and our automatic retention policies comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Protect Your Business Data with Confidence

Don't leave your business data at risk. Protect it with our reliable IT support and backup solutions

  • Server Backup
  • Included with Server Care Plans

  • Protects server system state, files, and SQL databases. Includes fortnightly backup testing
  • Workstation Backup
  • Addon or Included with Premium Plan

  • Protects workstations system state, files, and SQL databases
  • Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Included with Individual, Standard & Premium Plans

  • Protects Exchange Email, OneDrive & SharePoint files
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