Dark Web Monitoring

One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds

When websites and databases are breached the hackers are looking for ways to make money and one of those is selling the information on the Dark Web, an underground marketplace. Our Dark Web Monitoring uses monitor sources to monitor breaches and the data being sold, looking for your company emails or monitored personal email addresses and alerting both you and us.

With Dark Web Monitoring we are looking at where the data has come from, what types of data was included and informs us on the actions we need to take together. That may be passwords resets, education around better password use or investigating further when accounts are being used on non-company devices which have been compromised and infiltrated to gather passwords.

Each month we can send you an updated report on the latest breaches liked to your accounts including the severity of each breach.

Email only severity. This record is part of an email only list.
Informational severity. This severity value is given to breach records where we have an uncrackable password hash, or no password at all.
High severity. This severity value is given to breach records where we have an email address and a plaintext password.
Critical severity. This severity value is given to breach records recovered from an infected machine (botnet data). These records will always have a plaintext password and most will have an email address.

The Risk of Password Reuse

When your team use the same passwords at home and in the office you can be affected when their personal accounts are involved in a breach. A targeted attacker who has gathered information, researched their target and approach could use personal accounts to get into your business. With good password management and monitoring for awareness we can reduce that risk.

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • £150.00

    Per Month
    Included with Standard & Premium Plans

  • Covers 1 domain name and up to 5 personal email addresses
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