Surviving the BT Copper Network Shutdown: Your Guide

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, changes are coming that will shape the way we communicate. BT is transitioning from copper we know to internet-only networks by 2025.

As the owner of Westway IT, I've been monitoring these changes closely and want to help you understand what they mean for your business or home.

BT's traditional copper network, which currently supports both phone and internet connections, is evolving to support only internet. This means that come 2025, the days of plugging a phone into a socket to make calls will be a thing of the past.

This change has been driven by the need to upgrade the outdated copper network, along with the increasing availability of fiber-to-premises and high-speed internet from cable providers, which are both internet-only. Moreover, we're seeing a shift towards mobile phones and Voice over IP (VOIP) as reliance on landlines diminishes.

The most crucial replacement for traditional phone services will be VOIP - making voice calls over the internet. Devices like fax machines, alarms, payment terminals, and lifts that rely on phone lines will also need to upgrade. For instance, alternatives like email-to-fax services are available for fax machines.

At Westway IT, we have embraced VOIP for years, leveraging its flexibility and mobility. VOIP enables us to make and receive business calls from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device. In addition, voicemail messages are received via email, creating a seamless communication experience.

It's vital to prepare for this change, understand the alternatives, and ensure that you have backup power for all essential devices. Embrace the digital transformation, and let it propel your communication methods into the future.

Be informed, be prepared, and let's thrive in the new digital age together!

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