Cloud & Managed Services Consumer Bill of Rights

As a consumer of cloud or managed IT services, I acknowledge the special relationship that exists between my Cloud Service Provider/Managed Service Provider and me. I understand the trust I am placing in my MSP by having them manage my IT (in whatever capacity that may take). I also understand that as consumer of managed IT services I have certain rights and expectations from my MSP.

  1. I have the right to expect impartial advice from my MSP. Moreover, I have the right to expect my MSP to propose solutions and products that are not unduly influenced by any one vendor.
  2. I expect that my MSP will not hold themselves out as a subject matter expert in an area where they are unqualified to render an expert opinion.
  3. When asked to render an expert opinion in an area where they are not an expert I can expect that my MSP will either become educated on the matter or seek out another MSP who is an expert in that area.
  4. I have the right to expect that any information disclosed to my MSP during the course of my relationship with them will be treated as privileged information and will not be disclosed to any third party except when mandated by applicable law.
  5. I expect that if at any time my MSP cannot perform its duties that they will notify me accordingly.
  6. I expect that my MSP will avoid any situation that may create a conflict of interest.
  7. I have the right to expect that my MSP will not misrepresent or withhold information on the performance of products, systems or services.
  8. I have the right to expect that my MSP will not take advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience of others.
  9. During the course of the relationship I have the right to expect my MSP to safeguard any data belonging to my organization provided that data is within the scope of my MSP’s duties.

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