Warning! Are you losing your business data?

It was a wet soggy day, water overflowing from the drains and roads turned into rivers. You get into your office to be greeted by the glum faces of your staff and half the ceiling on the floor. A gutter had got blocked and flooded the office, everything was ruined under the ceiling tiles and worst of all your server is one of them.

All that customer data, order books and accounts lost to the water and will your business drown as the rain continues to fall?

A disaster can strike at any time and it is important to be prepared before that happens. Business continuity planning can help your business continue to function even with a destroyed office and knowing how IT fits into that plan is essential.

Luckily for our story they are using Office 365 meaning they can still access emails from another location and they had a 321 backup which put a copy of their server data offsite and safe from the disaster. While their business will face disruption they can continue to work and start to restore normal business operations.

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