Working From Home Checklist

When working from home there are a few things you should do to keep your system & data secure.

Install Updates

Install available operating system and installed software updates

Install a Security Suite

Install a reputable security suite with daily updates and advanced detection capabilities

Remove Unnecessary Software

Uninstall any software from your computer that you do not need

User Accounts

Create a separate user account for work and do not give it administrator rights


Only connect to trusted networks and secure other devices on the network

Secure Browser

Use a modern web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox


If you are storing data on your computer make sure it is backup up in line with your business data policies

Encrypt Data

If you are storing data on your computer make sure it is encrypted to protect it at rest


Use a password manager to safely manage your passwords and sharing them


If you are unsure about anything ask.

Look for the signs of a fake email or scam
Think if those signs are a concern
Check the legitimacy using known channels


If you need security or backup solutions to protect your data call us on 01452 491080

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