Boost Performance: The Power of Restarting Your Computer

When technical issues rear their head, the age-old advice of restarting your computer often proves to be a game-changer. But did you know that the choice between restarting and shutting down, coupled with a strategic skip of Fast Boot, can make a significant difference in resolving problems?

Restart vs. Shut Down: A Deeper Dive: While shutting down your computer offers a clean slate by closing all applications, restarting takes it a step further. It involves a complete system reboot, reloading the operating system and addressing lingering issues. However, the key lies in avoiding the temptation to click Shut Down and opting for a proper restart.

A screenshot of the Windows 11 power options for shut down or restart

The Pitfall of Fast Boot: Fast Boot, a feature designed for swift start-ups, can inadvertently impede the effectiveness of a restart. This tool saves the system's current state during shutdown, aiming to expedite the boot process. However, a restart does not use fast boot, ensuring a more thorough system refresh.

Why Restarting Prevails:

  1. Complete System Reload: Restarting ensures all processes are halted including ones you can't see and the operating system is reloaded, providing a clean start.
  2. Issue Resolution: For software glitches and performance hiccups, a restart proves more effective than a simple shut down.
  3. Memory Clearance: Restarting frees up valuable system memory by closing unnecessary background processes.

How to Restart Without Fast Boot:

  1. Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Select the power icon.
  3. Choose 'Restart.'

In the realm of IT troubleshooting, the choice to restart your computer, sans Fast Boot, emerges as a potent solution. By opting for a complete system reload, you empower your computer to overcome glitches and operate at its best. So, the next time a technical snag tests your patience, remember: restart triumphs over shutting down for optimal results.

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