Business Risk and Resiliency Events Spring 2024

"Business Risk and Resiliency" events will support Gloucester-based businesses significantly!

Westway IT to host an event series teaching companies how to build more effective defences against disasters, interruptions, and rogue employees.

 (Webinars 22nd March, 19th April, 24th May 2024 and in-person workshop set for June) 

John Fisher from Westway IT will host a series of online and in-person events to help local businesses proactively tackle business risks associated with disaster, work interruption and rouge employees.

UK Business Risk Stats: In 2023, a survey found that 91% of businesses experience at least one outage per quarter, equating to an average financial loss of £2,000 to £4,000. Yet outages can be caused by several things, including disasters, unforeseen interruptions, data loss and even rogue employees. These alarming statistics indicate the need for companies to prioritise business resilience in their IT strategy and infrastructure.

"With more businesses trading online and operating hybrid teams, how we handle our approach to technology has become more important than ever. To reduce our business risk level and maintain a happy and healthy business, business owners must consider where risks come from, where their IT vulnerabilities are and how to mitigate risk. That is why these sessions are crucial. I want to provide simple but actionable support to build long-term resilience." - John Fisher, Westway IT.

About the events

22 March - Webinar

Know Your Data

Discussion on understanding your data and a tutorial on completing a sample data audit to identify risks.

19 April - Webinar

How Much Can You Afford to Lose?

Discussion on how quickly you can recover from data loss and understanding how significant that loss might be.

24 May - Webinar

Layering Defences

Discussion on the different ways to mitigate risks and asking, "How good is your castle?"

June TBC - In-Person Workshop, Gloucester

Making a Resilient Business - Bringing it all together

The session will explain how to make your business more resilient and how to design a reaction plan for when disaster hits.

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All webinars will be available for replay after.

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