Modern Heating: Julie Harris' IT Success with Westway

The Client

Location: Gloucester
Industry: Plumbing and Heating Industry
Team Size: 10

The Situation

In a fast-paced industry, where every job is critical for your client, the last thing you have time for is fire-fighting outdated IT. Unfortunately, this is where Modern Heating found itself - they needed an up-to-date system to handle Sage compatibility, data privacy and day-to-day tasks.

The team at Modern Heating Glos

The Clients Words

Westway IT are a reliable and trustworthy team who will go out of their way to assist and resolve even the smallest IT issues. They also provide important guidance and advice on how to enhance our IT provisions.

Julie Harris

Julie Harris

Director, Modern Heating

How We Helped

As with any client, it’s really important that we assess their business needs to allow us to implement the most efficient hardware and software for their workflow. We could see straight away that Julie was very busy managing several engineers and dozens of clients at a time. Our IT solution had to optimise Julie’s workflow and free up her time from tasks which could be quickly automated. It also had to be reliable.

Following up on our IT implementation with a comprehensive support package allows Julie and the team to access remote and on-site support when needed. No more delayed invoicing because files won’t open or frustrated client calls because the system is slow. Instead, the team can confidently assist clients in moments and check off daily tasks without issue. What’s more, Julie feels much more in control of management overview because she has more time.

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