The BT Copper Switch Off: What You Need to Know

The copper switch off is upon us, and it's essential to understand how this change impacts our daily lives. If you're like many, you may be wondering what this means for your landline phone, broadband, or even your non-tech-savvy parents who rely on traditional connections.

As John from Westway IT explains in his recent YouTube video, the switch off affects phone calls over copper, but internet connectivity will remain available. Here's a more detailed look into what you can expect:

1. Broadband Changes:

Even if you don't have a plugged-in landline phone, your broadband service will change. You may also have the option to upgrade to more advanced connectivity such as fibre or cable.

2. Elderly Parents:

If your elderly parents depend on a landline, rest assured they should be contacted by their provider about the changes. There are also options to convert old phones and monitoring devices into internet phones to ease the transition.

3. Impact on Other Devices:

Intercoms connected to a traditional landline might be affected, requiring a switch to internet calls or mobile phone networks. Adapters can be used to connect legacy intercoms while ones connected to business phone systems may not be affected.

4. Replacement Options:

If you have a copper line, you'll need internet, a VOIP phone line, and specific hardware. Reviewing internet options in your area might lead to a better connection. Adapters can also connect old phones to the internet for VOIP.

5. Consider Power Cuts:

With the transition to digital, power cuts may now affect your phone, unlike before. Backup power, a UPS, will be necessary to ensure continued service.

The copper switch off may seem daunting, but with careful planning and understanding, the transition can be smooth. For more details and a step-by-step guide, watch John's video, and feel free to share your thoughts and questions.

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