How Good is your Backup?

When disaster strikes how much data can you afford to lose? Your emails, your customer database, your accounts?


How can disaster strike?

31% Hardware/System Failure

29% Human Error

29% Viruses, Malware & Ransomware


39% of IT pros say laptops are laptops are most likely devices to failure and cause data loss.


Backup disaster recovery removes the fear of data loss with solutions to fit the needs.


Intelligent File Backup & Recovery for Laptops & Desktops

Those important files saved in a folder on your desktop could easily be lost or deleted, our intelligent file backup and recovery solutions look for all the important files on your device and securely backups them up to the cloud.


Image Backup for Servers & Desktops

Recover your entire system quickly to a snapshot in time or just a few files, image backups offer the best level of restorability for both recovery time and recovery point. We save these backups both onsite and securely in the cloud to give you both fast recovery and piece of mind if something were to happen to you site.


Vault for Office 365

Backup of your emails, OneDrive & SharePoint.


Managed & Monitored

All of our solutions are managed and monitored which means you do not need to worry about your backups failing or keeping the software up to date or even updating the configuration as we will take care of that that for you.


But What about Dropbox and other Backups?

The true measure of a backup is its recoverability and while other services can hold multiple copies of your files and restore recently deleted files they are not a replacement for a full backup disaster recovery solution.

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