Testimonial from Kirsty Tyler

The new Data Protection Regulations introduced in May meant that I had to change the diary app I was using. I was disappointed because I had a lovely system set up whereby I could email clients a link to my diary and they could select their own date and time slow, reducing the need which sometimes arose to try and co-ordinate thee or even four people’s diaries by way of emails or text messages — a truly tortuous process. It also sent automatic reminders meaning I experienced far fewer "no shows" than in the past.

I am an Office for Business user and absolutely love the face that the data is stored in the UK, fully encrypted while and transit and being store, and I can log into my client’s files using my data or iPad wherever I am — in their home during a meeting, in my car with a spare half hour to kill, or sitting the Dentist’s waiting room (she’s always running late!). It has revolutionised the efficiency of my business.

I discovered it was possible to set up a similar diary booking system within Office 365 to the one I had been using via the Microsoft Bookings app. Unfortunately, as with most software written by Microsoft it proved to be less than simple to get up and running. I consider myself intelligent and perfectly capable of finding pretty much any information I need via internet searches, but I had reached the end of my tether and was wasting more time than was sensible trying to get this working myself.

"John to the Rescue" - he logged into my machine remotely, changed a few settings, and half an hour later I was up and running with my new diary booking system. It really couldn’t have been simpler. Next time, I won’t waiting until I am ready to throw my machine out of the window — I will simply call John at Westway IT and let all the stress ebb away!

About Kirsty Tyler

Kirsty is a financial adviser.

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