Boost Your Security with MFA

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) increases your account security by requiring an additional bit of information to sign you in, most commonly a 6 digit code.

Boost Your Security with MFA

This code can be generated using an app on your smartphone without which your account can not be accessed meaning someone trying to access your account will need to have your mobile phone.

Microsoft 365 powered businesses can have their user enrolled into MFA which will guide them through the process when they next sign in which is as easy as install an Authenticator app on their smart phone and scan a code on screen. Users without a smartphone can use text message or a phone call as their MFA. When they then go to sign into their account they can approve the sign on their smartphone or enter the 6 digit code from the app, text message or call.

Want to enable MFA on your 365 account? Follow this Office Guide

Want to roll out MFA to all your 365 users? Call us about enrolling your users on 01452 491080.

To increase your business and personal security we recommend using MFA wherever possible and with all business systems accessible from the internet. If you don't have MFA available we recommend using strong passwords which are not reused.

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