How mobile is your business?

Business disruption can come in many forms from adverse weather, traffic issues, major roadwork projects closing roads and illness, but how can your business cope when faced with these? If your workforce can't get to work can your business still work?

While there are a lot of software systems out there are now cloud based and can be accessed anywhere not everything you rely on has that option restricting you to needing to be in the office. Or maybe you don't want to give your workforce the option to work from anywhere but the office because of data security. If you fit into either of these groups there are still options available that can give a secure remote working ability to your business and they don't have to mean cloud.

Remote desktops (terminal services) have been around a while and offer an option of being based in your office so once connected it is the same as working inside the office with all the applications, files and even printers you would normally use. Remote desktops have also evolved and now available cloud based in Microsoft Azure as well as on premise which coupled with a disaster recovery plan that includes cloud virtualization it covers you for a total loss of your office due to flooding, fire or another disaster.

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