Understanding Microsoft 365 Data Backup: Protect Your Emails & Files

Imagine this: You're working on a major project. As you finish, you accidentally delete your essential files or - even worse - a cyber-criminal invades your system and demands a hefty ransom. Now, that's a situation no one wants to be in, and this is precisely why backing up your Microsoft 365 data is crucial. 

Hello, I'm John from Westway IT, and I'm here to shed some light on an often overlooked topic. Many people believe that once their data is in the cloud, it's safe. However, the reality is quite different. Microsoft doesn't back up your 365 data; instead, they explicitly state in their service agreement, section 6b, that it's your responsibility. They recommend using a third-party backup to protect your data from potential loss. 

So, how could you lose data? 

Simple mistakes like accidental deletion or someone else removing a file from a shared folder thinking it was not needed are common occurrences. Emails and files only stay in the recycle bin or deleted items for a limited time before they are gone forever. 

But let's talk about a more sinister scenario - ransomware. 

These malicious attacks can lead to the complete wipeout of your emails and files. Despite your data being stored in the cloud, it isn't safe from password stealers who can gain full control over your information. If your business hasn't set restrictions on who can authorize app access, they might grant themselves permissions to access your data even after you've changed your password. 

As a data controller, you have a responsibility to protect data from loss. Regulations and compliance may dictate specific requirements for data protection, but the method you employ is down to your policies and risk analysis.

At Westway IT, we use a backup service designed to protect emails and files of everyone in the business. It runs several times a day without interrupting anyone, and all the backed-up data is stored in a different cloud from Microsoft. This strategy provides us with a robust disaster recovery plan, ensuring business continuity even if something takes Microsoft completely offline. 

In conclusion, data backup is like insurance; it might seem like an expense until you need it and then, you'll be incredibly grateful that you have it. Don't leave your data vulnerable - protect it with a robust backup plan.

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