Woodland Wellness Centre IT Success with Westway IT Solutions

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The Client

Location: Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire
Industry: Holistic Wellness Therapy
Team Size: 4

The Situation

  • The single phone line Victorian property and rural location posed problems communicating effectively with clients
    Needed a review of working IT solutions
  • No forward plan for the start-up’s business scale and development
  • The current IT provider was uncommunicative and not the right fit for a start-up team needing tech guidance
The Client

The Clients Words

I would recommend John Fisher of Westway IT in a heartbeat. He is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and a true business partner. Someone who talks on your level, thinks outside the box and is always there when you need him. One of the best decisions we’ve made as a business is switching to John for our IT solutions.

Woodland Wellness Centre IT Success with Westway IT Solutions

Nadine Carr

Director and Therapist, Woodland Wellness Centre

How We Helped

Having met with Nadine and her daughter-in-law, I immediately understood they needed a simple setup to communicate and deliver client comms efficiently.

“We have 18” thick walls here,” says Nadine. “We were told that our phone had to be in a specific place in the property to receive calls. This means running through several rooms and tripping over the dog to get to a client’s call. Naturally, they ring off before we get there. John solved the problem in one sentence, “Why don’t we install an extra phone line in a different room and have the calls default to your mobile after a certain number of rings.” This genuine, straight-talking approach is just what we needed!”

What started with a simple second phone line and default mobile connection became a review of their complete IT services.

The important thing here was appreciating that, as a start-up, they need efficiency at a budget to get them going, but something we could build upon as the business grows. 

“John is all about solutions that make your life easier - and there’s no oversell!” says Nadine.

Within our bespoke plan, I review the Woodland Wellness Centre’s IT plan annually, so we have budget and timelines for needed and wish list implementations. This keeps the team running smoothly and continually planning for the next stage of their business.

I would love to have a chat and see how we could help businesses like Nadine's, book a 15 minute video call with me and let's talk.

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