Security & Data Protection

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Protection

Keep your network clean. Protect your endpoints (computers and file server) against threats and data theft.

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Data is an integral part of modern business. When data is moved from place to place, whether it’s via the internet or physical storage, it is vulnerable.

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Update Management

Reduce the risk of exploits by keeping software up to date, we manage updates for Microsoft and key software titles.

Password Manager

Managing passwords and MFA codes can be complicated trying to remember them all, we offer a password manager which makes creating and storing passwords much easier including the ability to securing share passwords within a team and all passwords are audited so when a team member leaves we know which passwords to change.

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Application Whitelisting

A doorman for your systems, if it is not on the list it can not run reducing your risk of a successful ransomware attack. We have partnered with leading application whitelisting company ThreatLocker for application whitelisting & elevation control.

Dark Web Scanning

With so many database breaches and data being stolen you might not know if your data has been taken, with dark web scanning we monitor the dark web for your email addresses to alert you if we found them.

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Backup & Recovery

When a disaster happens, whether that is a fire, flood, theft or malicious attack our backup and recovery solution is built to allow you get back working by giving you back access to your business data.

44% of small businesses keep their backup in the same place as the original data and 17% of businesses do not backup data at all.

File Backup

For devices on the move and simple backup needs file backup keeps a copy of your important data elsewhere, with file intelligence and versioning file backups are targeted to protect your important data.

Server & Workstation Backup

When recovering quickly is important whatever has happened our backup captures a complete copy of your system sent straight to the cloud and an optional local speed vault giving you recoverability even if aliens destroyed your building. Backups cover files, system state & SQL databases.

Backup for Microsoft 365

Provides granular backup protection for your email mailboxes and files stored in OneDrive & SharePoint.

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